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Shoe Cover

Shoe Cover

Disposable Shoe Cover 

Product Discription :

Material : Non woven Fabric / PE

Color  : Blue, Transparent 

Size : 15 x 36 cm, 15 x 40 cm

Function : Nonslip dustproof, waterproof

Packing : 50 Pairs/ bag

Application : In clinical offices,
                   Laboratories and factories,
                   Electronics production workship

1) Shoe cover is Water proof, easy use and disposable, Eco-friendly.
2) Widly used shoe cover in clinic,hospital, restaurant,food processing , beauty salon, electronic industry use.
3) Cleaning ,medical check, food processing, healthcare, housework, home cleaning , camping barbacue etc.
4) Popular by globle customers with its distinct properities which can be dust proof,oil proof, protect skins,and mainly used in food and medical industry.

Largest Disposable Shoe cover manufacturer from India, we producing range of hygiene disposable products like,Gloves, Apron,Bouffant cap etc.Shoe cover comes in various sizes as per customer demand also available shoe cover in different packaging and Colors.widly export to usa, uk, uae,africa,germany and other countries with virgin and non virgin quality.